Hit Right Technology


The company is a recognized Supplier of WelloStation based in Saudi Arabia. It helps in blocking the non-patient infections from entering into the hospital. WelloStation that we offer provides a 3-second, non-invasive body temperature measurement. The first sign of infection is fever. It helps in conducting daily screening of the visitors, suppliers, and employees and thus keeps germs out of the facility. Clients can obtain WelloStation at very affordable rates from us.

Features :

  • Quickly measures individual's unique core body temperature accurate to 0.1°C / 0.18°F
  • Optimal for healthcare facilities, education, senior living, and commercial buildings
  • Immediate alerts of fever to identify sickness
  • No risk of infection spread with touchless, non-contact measurement
  • Portable and accessible anywhere
  • Cloud-powered by Fresh Loc
  • Integrates with most time and attendance Systems


Mechanical / Environmental Specifications


40.005cm x 50.165cm x 128.27cm (15.7ub x 19.75in x 50.50in)


18.59 kg (41 ibs)

Operating Temperature (Room Temperature)

15.55 oC to 32.22 oC (60oF to 90oF)

Storage Temperature

32 oC to 95oC (-4oF to 113oF)


90% humidity, non-condensing

Cleaning Solutions

Gentle dish soap and water. Glass or surface cleaner.

Note : Do not submerge. Avoid exposure to liquids.

System Architecture Specifications

Temperature Measurement 0.02oC Resolution (0.036oF)
Medical Grade Accuracy +0.1oC (+0.18oF)
Processor Pentium Class Processor
Operating System Windows 8.1
Memory 2 GB
Display Backlit LED
Thermometer 18x18 infrared pixels : 256 zones
Web Camera 1.3 megapixels
Warranty 1 year warranty (extended warranties optional)
Expected Charge Time Operates up to 1 hour without power
Decode Capabilities RFID reader optional
Wireless Connectivity Yes