Hit Right Technology

Way Finder

Way Finder is a simplistic device that is installed at complex public places. As a Supplier of TWAFOQ Way Finder, the company offers a device that can offer a detailed map along with the multiple floors. The touch screen functionality of the Way Finder makes it user-friendly and the user can choose destinations, while the device automatically draws and highlights the path until the end.


  • Auxiliary information about the location like detailed store description with text and picture
  • Large module on the top screen for displaying advertising spots
  • Inclusive information about current promotions through added interactive banners
  • Information on gifts and offers, and ability of directing users to the shops
  • Runs on Multi-Touch Kiosk Hardware PCs with Windows, with installation possible anywhere
  • Suitable for places with most traffic like entrances, atriums, information desk, lifts, stairs, and escalators
  • Freestanding units with large touch screens (32”-42”)
  • Medium-range graphics card needed for smooth running