Hit Right Technology

Virtual Promoter

The Virtual Promoter is an innovative alternative for presenting products and offering additional information to the prospective customers. As a Supplier of Virtual Promoter, we offer the best way to engage your audience in a creative manner. The Virtual Promoters are used in exhibitions, events, workshops, and presentations, with the specialized stores and commercial centers being the other key areas. Consultations and discussions can be easily carried out with Virtual Promoter, which is made of special glass having the image of the promoter. The use of intensive artificial projection technology offers bright image, with the accessory equipment allowing voice addition. The use of 3D animation captures the attention of the customers and builds brand image, with the Virtual Promoter being a compact and low-maintenance device capable of working 24×7 without any smoke.


  • Futuristic and eye-catching
  • User-friendly interface
  • 24/7, autonomous attention-grabber
  • Ideal for communicating with customers outside store hours
  • Prefect for browsing product catalogues
  • Rich multimedia content
  • Ideal for highlighting promotions and sales