Hit Right Technology


Our SmartPod is a fantastic, innovative and technological box that enables everyone to customize and implement in almost any shape. The SmartPod can be in different shapes like oval, rectangle or square. We are a reliable Supplier of SmartPod from Saudi Arabia.
We can even add smooth edges to the box. SmartPod is a unique customizable box which promotes brand awareness in a unique and interactive style. The interactive integration gives an awesome feeling to the customers and clients to enhance the feeling of touch of the brand emotionally. We offer the screen in different sizes as per the demand. The clients can also play their most favorite videos and photos and create Company logo's as well. There can be over 120+ effects in sequence which creates stunning interactions. The smart screen built on a SmartPod can even have an interactive touch screen. The SmartPod can also have unique 3D object as well as video logo.

Uses of SmartPod :

  • Tradeshows
  • Showrooms/ Shopping Malls
  • Events / Exhibitions  
  • Hotels, Airports

Benefits of SmartPod :

  • The activity and movements of projected imagery onto POD can be viewable from every side of POD in unique way.
  • You’re not limited to one ad, our equipment can handle up to limitless images, other units offer unlimited image capacity.
  • Our equipment is mobile, making roaming campaigns a breeze. Expand your target and increase your ROI.
  • Our patented equipment consumes little power, requires few operators.