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Roll-Up Projection Banner

Roll-Up Projection Banner, a world-wide patented invention, combined with a projector, is an eye-catching display that guarantees you the attention you want. With this product, there is no need of printing. Simply change videos and images as often as you want by use of an SD card. See and hear your message on Roll-Up Projection Banner. We are a trustworthy Supplier of Roll-Up Projection Banner from Saudi Arabia.  

Portability can be a subject of issue when banners are moved to various locations for events such as conferences, trade shows, meetings, exhibitions and fairs. The offered Roll-Up Projection Banner is easily retractable, easy to store in a small stand base and also very easy to set up. A person can easily install a 100” digital display within ten minutes.

Can be Used In :

  • Conference Rooms
  • Event / Exhibition
  • Retail windows
  • Airport / Lobbies
  • Museums
  • Automobile Showrooms