Hit Right Technology

LED Screen

We are a major Supplier of LED Screen, which are a result of the latest image processing and content management technology. Offering a range of high-impact systems, we provide LED Screen for permanent installations as well as rental and staging markets. The LED Screen can be availed in any shape and size, and it is rugged and IP65 rated. The high-resolution images with impeccable brightness and contrast as well as availability in various pixel pitches are the special features of LED Screen. Providing perfect picture even in direct sunlight, the LED Screen is a smart investment. We can also provide outdoor full-color giant screen in single or multiple business centers and major traffic areas to compose outdoor giant screen networks as well.

Display Types

  • Small Screen and Midsize Display : Building small and medium-sized full color LED display screen or moving message display in bustling streets and community to form a media network.
  • Mesh LED Display : LED Sheet a revolutionary new LED digital display that mounts high intensity LEDs on a patented mesh design that is flexible, lightweight, and highly portable. Unlike heavy, rigid traditional LED displays, our LED’s offers a bigger, lighter, and brighter display that will dazzle viewers like never before.


  • Scalable and non-invasive
  • 50% transparent
  • Adaptable enough to wrap around the corners of buildings or stadium
  • Large enough to dress an unprecedented 20 stories or more
  • Bright display of brilliant images and full color video in full sunlight
  • Withstands extreme climate conditions