Hit Right Technology


We offer a suitable substitute of paper menu in the form of Emenu for restaurants that help in increasing customer awareness and loyalty. We supply a wide range of Emenu that helps the guest to place food orders in a more interactive and personalized way. We provide easy to use Emenus in the form of Android Tablets.  

Our range of technologically advanced Emenu is designed to support all types of software to offer the most personalized solution to the customers. These Emenus are slim, lightweight, trendy and easy to handle tablets that can be customized by the restaurant owners as per the items on their menu. It helps in brand building and loyalty.    


Uses :

  • Visualize the menu with vivid pictures
  • Access the on-screen ordering process
  • Enjoy interactive games
  • Ask for the steward on demand
  • Interact with customers at other tables
  • Get a detailed view of ingredients and calorie intake
  • View the bill and pay on eMenu through credit card