Hit Right Technology

Creative Services

Digital Strategy
How can you use interactive technology to create a compelling experience for your customers and guests? Where do you begin and what will fit your budget? These are great questions that deserve even greater solutions. You can count on us to evaluate your goals and then elevate your storytelling experience.

Experience Design
The key to creating unforgettable experiences is all about understanding how your brand emotionally resonates with customers and creatively placing powerful messaging in the right place to tell the right story at just the right time.

By introducing interactive technology into the mix we have created a formula by which customers enjoy participating in these experiences and they are compelled to Share their story with others.

Content Strategy
Upon better understating the experience you are looking to create for your clients and guests, the next step is to create a visually compelling story woven together with thought provoking messaging. In some cases this means simply re purposing your existing digital assets into one of our immersive applications—in other cases we collaborate with you to develop new and outside of the box media that will help your brand make a splash. Just remember, content is the new currency to driving engagement!

Whether you are looking to deliver brand specific messaging at your event or to attract the attention of passerby’s, we have developed a variety of highly engaging applications that are powered by the latest and greatest interactive,hardware devices.

While some companies believe a custom developed interactive application is the only way to deliver a unique,brand experience, we beg to differ, and that is why we have brought a wide variety of advanced applications to,The Market as off-the-shelf solutions. Our secret sauce lies in the timeless and widely universal user interfaces and wire frames that our creative team has developed.

Custom Development
When you are looking to create an experience that is truly original and unprecedented, rest assured that we have a solution for you. We have spent years developing around the most advanced interactive hardware technologies and creating custom software applications tailored to your specific requirements. We embrace your fresh ideas and are excited to collaborate on designs and experiences, while sharing our knowledge and expertise as guidance. We encourage our clients to challenge the status quo and to implement the most bleeding edge technologies.