Hit Right Technology

About Us

We create top notch technology turn-key solutions which serve as new tools for advertising & marketing

Hit Right Technology (HRT) was founded in 2005 with a passion for developing solutions incorporating natural user interface technology. Initially focused on industrial use, HRT mission evolved to making interactivity accessible to the masses.HRT connects brands with consumers in relevant and memorable ways through the use of cutting-edge Technology. We develop and amplify communication ideas through intelligent execution and relevant technology â unlocking the potential of digital platforms for clients.

Media Technology
HRT creates top notch technology turn-key solutions which serve as new tool for Advertising, Marketing, BTL, Events, Seminars and 360° campaigns, we help brands to succeed in the worldâs rapidly evolving market place by using new media as tools to establish a âdialogueâ with the customer. We take great pride in every project. In establishing our team of engineers, Programmers, and artist, we sought like-minded individuals with diverse talents to create an environment that would foster true creativity and innovation.

HRT takes up the challenge of organizing your company's events or your products campaign in a dynamic & fresh vision with our exclusive technology giving you exclusivity from the beginning to the end. We organize Campaigns, Promotions, Ceremonies and Events using our Media Technology and examine every challenge from every angle and create concepts according to your needs. Our mission is to deliver you your event/campaign planning or production that surprises, delights and engages your targeted audiences.

Our ultimate goal was to create a company that would enable us to do what we love to do, play in the interactive space.


Name of CEO Mr. Rayan Rashed Al-Zahrani
Nature of Business Supplier